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Escape Industry News
Pmttw Makixm Zwwumza! 👋

Nope, you didn't read that wrong, the Escape Industry Newsletter is still in English. I just thought since it's the 8th month of the year, I thought I'd give a shout out to everyone's favourite Roman Emperor.

Jokes aside, in this month's newsletter we see a wealth of new escape rooms popping up all over the world... And especially in Australia and the UK!

This month has also seen a few new updates, from a brand new awards ceremony and in-person escape room event at the Lock and Key Awards, to the RECON 23 schedule being announced, and some changes to the upcoming TERPECA.

As usual, this month's issue of Escape Industry News is packed with new stories. But we're a small team and we can't keep up with them all without our wonderful community (that's you!). So, we've missed anything, please do let us know by replying to this email.

Until September, Puzzle People!

Editor of Escape Industry News

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🧩 Trending Now


The Lock and Key Awards, the UK's first escape room awards has been announced

"The Lock & Key Awards is a celebration of the Escape Room industry. It is a night of recognition for the best in the industry, as voted for by the industry." - The event will take place in Manchester, UK in March 2024.



The Full RECON 23 Schedule has been Announced

Taking place entirely online this year, this month sees the return of the Reality Escape Convention, with a new lineup of speakers:

"The Reality Escape Convention is a conversation for the escape & immersive game industry. With core tenets of knowledge, connection, and immersion, RECON opens dialogues. By attending RECON, you will gain new insights and a broader community. RECON supports a sustainable escape room industry now and in the future."


🧾 In Other News

Not quite an escape room but...


📆 Upcoming Dates for your Diary

August 19th - 20th
RECON Remote 23
Online Event

September 11th
Le Salon de l'escape game
Lyon, France

November 12th - 14th
Escape Immerse Explore
Orlando, FL

March 12th 2024
Lock & Key Awards
Manchester, UK

September 12th - 14th 2024
Wacky Wheels Escape Game Road Trip
Bilbao, Spain


🔑 Recent Doors Unlocked 

  • Bainbridge Escape has opened a new site in Bainbridge Island, WA.
  • Boerne Escape Rooms has opened a new room, Pirate Patrick's Lost Loot in Boerne, TX.
  • Decode Zone has opened a new site in Bellefontaine, OH.
  • Escape Hour Austin has opened a new room, Baker Street Mystery, in Austin, TX.
  • Escape Room Adventures has opened a new room, Diamond Heist, in Fort Myers, FL.
  • Escape Room LA has announced their new room opening soon, Black Dragon, in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Escapology has opened a new site with two rooms in Stonestown, CA.
  • Escapology has also opened a new site in Sarasota, FL.
  • Just Escaped has opened a new room, Zombie, in Gainsville, FL.
  • Surelock Escapes has opened a new room, Shimmer Reef, in Renton, WA.
  • The Escape Game has opened a pop-up "Only Murders in the Building" escape room, available in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Online.
  • The Escape Game has also opened two new rooms, The Depths and Timeliner, in New York, NY.
  • The Escape Room has opened a new room, World on Edge, in Portland, ME.
  • Top Tier Escape Room has opened a new room, Curse of the Crystal Cavern, in Oceanside, CA.
  • Trapology has opened a second date for their Onyx Veil Gala event in Boston, MA.

  • Discovery Harbour has opened a new escape room as Bo'Sun Brig, in Penetanguishene, ON.
  • Escape City has opened a new room, The Woodsman, in Edmonton, AB.
  • Fox in a Box has opened a new site in Sherbrooke, QC.
  • Venture Scapes has opened a new site  with 2 rooms in Edmonton, AB.

  • Adventure Rooms has announced they will be opening a new site with four rooms, in Melbourne, Australia.
  • BreakOut The Room has opened a new room, Asylum Escape, in Pialba, QLD, Australia.
  • Eclipse Escape Rooms has opened a new room, Blackwood Manor, in Surfers Paradise, NSW, Australia.
  • Entombed has opened a new room, Trial of the White Rabbit, in Launston, TAS, Australia.
  • Jindabyne Escape Rooms has opened a new room, The Temple Room, in Jindabyne, NSW, Australia.
  • Port Douglas Escape Room has opened a new room, Little Red Riding Hood, in Port Douglas, QLD, Australia.
  • Project Immersive has opened a new room, Nuclear Enrichment, in Yeronga, QLD, Australia.
  • Rush Escape Game has opened a new room, The Conjoining, in South Yarra, VIC, Australia.

📩 Have we missed an opening near you? Reply to this email and let us know!

A shout out to the resources & individuals who were a huge help this month:
Escape the Review (UK), Morty App (USA), ERA Mag (Australia)

    🔊 Listen

    Last month in Podcasts, Radio & Live Shows

    Cager Express: Escape Break
    "Escape Break featuring Beth Divel and Tatiyana Abarro: Southern California's premier escape room podcast show. We recap fun rooms, interviews and bizarre topics!"
    Escape This Podcast
    "A show that’s a mix of escape room puzzles and tabletop role-playing."
    Life is an Escape Room
    "The Life Is An Escape Room Podcast explores how the skills you gain playing escape rooms with intention will make you more successful in all aspects of your life."
    Live from the CodeBar
    Live from the CodeBar is a twice-monthly podcast about Armchair Treasure Hunts, codes, ciphers, puzzles, Escape Rooms as well as ARG's and puzzle subscription boxes.
    Reality Escape Pod
    "Your hosts David Spira & Peih-Gee Law explore immersive gaming from all angles. Our guests have made awesome stuff: ARGs, puzzle hunts, tabletop games, and of course, escape rooms."
    The Infinite Escape Room
    "The puzzling podcast where a gaggle of geographically diverse chums come together, have a drink - and work together to solve a home made escape room of the ears.​"
    These podcasts may not have released new episodes this month, but are well worth checking out:
    • Cipherdelic Pod
      • "Have you ever wondered who oils the cogs of the constantly evolving escape room industry? Think no more. In each episode we speak to a guest from the interactive experience industry to offer you, our listener, a peak behind the curtain."
    • Puzzling Company
      • ​"On this podcast, Zach and Jared every week cover a new at home puzzle / escape room style game and discuss all things about it!​"

    🔎 August's Puzzle

    I noticed something quite amusing about the words 'Taco Cat' this month - I think it was whilst playing a round of Exploding Kittens. It got me thinking about August's puzzle.
    A ??? for a jar of tuna.
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