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Anyone else feel like they blinked and suddenly it was February already?!

If you haven't spotted all the roses, chocolates in stores and rom-coms on repeat on TV, it must be that love is in the air. Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and a little birdy told us that escape rooms are an excellent date night activity!


But flowers and chocolate aside, this month has been another fun one for the escape room industry.

People are getting their creative side out with EnigMarch, a new monthly puzzle creating challenge, and elsewhere at-home escape game company Thames & Kosmos have announced a new IP for their games. You could say, the one IP to rule them all. Not forgetting a rumour of something new and exciting for the VR escape room team at Ubisoft.

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EnigMarch - A Daily Puzzle Creation Challenge


"EnigMarch" is a daily puzzle creation challenge. Every day in March, the team will share a prompt that can be used as inspiration to create any kind of puzzle, from cryptograms to mazes to chess problems to those fruit-counting ones you see on Facebook. All skill levels are welcome, from expert puzzlesmiths to absolute beginners—you don’t have to create a masterpiece, just something that’s convincingly a puzzle. 



Journey to Middle Earth in upcoming EXIT: The Game at-home escape room


In their recent catalogue announcement, Thames and Kosmos unveiled a new Lord of the Rings title for their EXIT series. 

Fans can help save Middle-earth in EXIT: The Lord of the Rings — Shadows Over Middle-earth. As with all EXIT: The Game titles, Shadows Over Middle-earth will require players to solve riddles and clues as quickly as possible to beat the game.



Ford showcases an escape room game built into the Mustang Mach E

Ford has revealed a concept for an in-car escape-room style game, which it says could help drivers familiarise themselves with their car’s controls. A video released by the manufacturer shows a Mustang Mach E presenting its occupants with a ‘spy game’ that takes those inside the car on a ‘secret mission.’ The challenge begins with a word puzzle, after which they’re instructed to drive to a location. Various pieces of equipment in the car such as the speaker system, the electric seats, power tailgate air conditioning and headlights are used as part of the interactive game, though only while the car is static.



🧾 In Other News


📆 Upcoming Dates for your Diary

February 16th
NoPro Audience Awards Announced

March 1st - 31st

March 17 - 20th
Transworld Room Escape Conference

April 1st - 31th
Fool's Errand

April 25th
2021 Escape Room Awards Gala​

August 21st
RECON 2022


🔑 Recent Doors Unlocked 

  • Aquatarium has launched a new escape room in Brockville, ON.
  • Captured Escape Rooms is opening a new room, The Study, in Halifax, NS.

  • Escape HQ has updated it's room, The Dark Side of the Room in Hamilton, NZ.
  • Padlockd Escape has opened a new room, The Dollhouse, in Surfer's Paradise, Australia.
  • Project Immersive is opening a new room, Nuclear Enrichment, in Yeronga, Australia.
  • Strike Escape Rooms has opened in Forrest Chase, Perth, Australia.
  • Time's Up has opened a new room, Ruins, in Perth, Australia.
  • Time's Up has opened a new site in Bunbury, Australia.

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🔎 February's Puzzle

I was right in the middle of February this year. I was at the end 7 years back and at the beginning 500 years ago.

What am I?

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