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It seems like we May have escaped another month 🥁

Terrible puns aside, April has been a fantastic month packed with escape room award ceremonies and exciting new rooms popping up all over the place.

So, what does May have in store?

From May Day, to Cinco de Mayo, to Mother's Day, to Memorial Day... May is a busy month for getting together with friends and family.

Let's not forget about Star Wars Day either! In celebration, I'll leave you with my favourite (and most relevant) Star Wars joke:

How do you unlock escape room doors on Kashyyyk?

With a woo-key!

Until next time!

Editor of Escape Industry News

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It's Award Season... The Golden Lock Award '22 & the Escape Room Awards Official '21


It's been a while since we've celebrated fantastic escape rooms, so we're very pleased that April saw the return of not one but two escape room awards. For English language escape rooms, last month REA's Golden Lock Awards making it's triumphant return. Over in Spain, the Spanish language Escape Room Awards Official.



Room Escape Divas has recorded it's last podcast

After 148 successful episodes, Room Escape Divas has announced they've recorded their last episode:

"And so for one last episode, we’ve gotten the old gang back together and returned to our very chaotic origins! Errol trolls everyone, everyone clips their audio at least three times, we talk about a couple of of our favourite moments, what we are doing right now, and some of our plans for the future (I’m certainly not done with podcasts yet!)"



‘Escape IT’ escape room is coming to Las Vegas


“Escape IT” picks up where the horror film franchise left off, leaving players to find a way through more than 20 rooms of terror before their luck runs out. This ambitious escape room experience based on the infamous horror franchise launches this fall in Las Vegas.



The puzzle that will outlast the world...



Not quite an escape room news story, but one that'll certainly get your brain cogs moving. A.J. Jacobs reports on a 55-pin Jacob's Ladder puzzle created by Oskar van Deventer.

One move down, 1,298,074,214,633,706,907,132,624,082,305,022 to go.



🧾 In Other News


📆 Upcoming Dates for your Diary

August 21 - 22nd
RECON 2022


🔑 Recent Doors Unlocked 

  • Escape60 has opened a F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed escape room in Calgary, AB.
  • Improbable Escapes has a new escape room, The Undersea Overthrow, in Kingston, ON.
  • Secret City have launched a new room, "Escape the Ghost Ship" that sails around Lake Ontario, in Toronto, ON.

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    🔎 May's Puzzle

    Since a certain date in May reminds us of a popular movie franchise, here are three movie title dingbats to get you thinking.
    1. Boron
    2. Sirius vs Vega
    3. Famou

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