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Greetings escapists! 👋

With Halloween rooms packing up their pumpkins and in their place a whole host of "Save Santas" and "Elf Escapes"... It can only mean one thing! The holidays are almost here!

In this month's issue we take a look at all the new openings around the world, the TERPECA kick off, ER Champ, and a few other exciting stories in the news. But eagle-eyed readers may have noticed, we also have not one but two new segments in this newsletter. They are:
  • This month in Podcasts & Radio

For your listening pleasure, we'll be highlighting some of the most popular escape room themed podcasts and radio shows that came out in the last month.
  • The Job Board

Is your escape room hiring? Let us know about the listing and we'll boost it to the world.

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That's all for this month - wherever you are, have an excellent November!

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🧩 Trending Now


ER Champ 2022 Elimination Round has Concluded, Next Up: The Finale


This weekend the Escape Room Championship saw the Elimination Round of the annual competition. Up next:

🏆 Grand Final (November 26, 4 PM UTC)

Of the 671 teams that entered the eliminations, only 100 progress to the finale.



TERPECA Voting Now Open!


The nomination round of the TERPECA awards has concluded. Now, the voting stage begins. In a recent Facebook post, the TERPECA organisers shared some fun facts about nominations this year:

- Over 340 enthusiasts submitted nominations (up from 247 last year)
- Over 4500 individual nominations were submitted (up from around 4300 last year)
- Over 880 eligible rooms received at least one nomination (up from 805 last year)

They have whittled it down to 337 finalists. It's time to vote!



PAX Unplugged for Puzzles

PAX Unplugged is a tabletop gaming-focused event specifically tailored to lovers of board games, RPGs, miniatures, cards, and more. People attending PAX Unplugged this year have plenty of puzzle events to choose from including:



Sherlocked to Host Digital Puzzle Contest This Month


From November 17th - December 22nd, Sherlocked has announced they'll be hosting a series of puzzles on their social media accounts. Each week, one winner will win an escape room experience (from tickets for Sherlocked’s online escape game, to tabletop mystery games from Diorama and Society of Curiosity, Curious Correspondence, the Arcane Store’s Codex Silenda, and Spectre and Vox’s limited-edition table-top game). One player who correctly submits the answer to a final, seventh puzzle will receive a VIP ticket to play The Alchemist and a two night stay at the Zoku hotel in Amsterdam.



🧾 In Other News


📆 Upcoming Dates for your Diary

November 12 - 15th
Escape, Immerse, Explore: New Orleans
New Orleans, USA

November 19 - 20th
Belgian Escape Days

November 26th
ER Champ Finale
Online Digital Competition

November 30th

December 2 - 4th
PAX Unplugged
Philadelphia, USA

December 17th
TERPECA Awards Ceremony

January 13th
MIT Mystery Hunt 2023
Online & In Person Competition

February 2 - 5th
TransWorld's Room Escape Conference
St. Louis, USA


🔑 Recent Doors Unlocked 

  • Cryptic Characters has opened a new room, Dungeon of Despair in Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Escape Legends has opened a new room, Dragon's Treasure in Sherwood Park, Alberta.
  • Hint Hunt has opened a new room, Submarine, in Mississauga, ON.
  • The Locked Room has opened a new room, Mythical Creatures in Calgary, Alberta.

  • Escape Hunt has opened a new room, Alice in Puzzleland, in Sydney, NSW.
  • Escape Squad has opened a new room, The Nuclear Express, in Mandurah WA.
  • Red Lock Escape Room has announced a new room, Carn-Evil in Sunshine Coast, QLD.

📩 Have we missed an opening near you? Reply to this email and let us know!

A shout out to the resources & individuals who are a huge help when compiling this list each month:
Escape the Review (UK), Matt Lui (CA), Rich Bragg (US), Morty App (Global)

    🔊 Listen

    Last month in Podcasts & Radio

    Cager Express: Escape Break
    Escape Break featuring Beth Divel and Tatiyana Abarro: Southern California's premier escape room podcast show. We recap fun rooms, interviews and bizarre topics!
    Escape This Podcast
    A show that’s a mix of escape room puzzles and tabletop role-playing.
    Puzzling Company
    On this podcast, Zach and Jared every week cover a new at home puzzle / escape room style game and discuss all things about it!​
    Reality Escape Pod
    With this Podcast, your hosts David Spira & Peih-Gee Law explore immersive gaming from all angles, alongside guests with incredible experience in this realm.

    The Infinite Escape Room
    The puzzling podcast where a gaggle of geographically diverse chums come together, have a drink - and work together to solve a home made escape room of the ears.​

    🤝 The Job Board

    COGS/Clockwork Dog are hiring for two roles in London, UK & remote:
    Escape My Room Los Angeles are hiring for multiple roles in Los Angeles, CA:
    Fantasy Escape Games are hiring for remote Games Masters.

    📩 Hiring for new staff at your escape room? Let us know!

      🔎 November's Puzzle


      As we begin counting down the days left in the year, here's a fun maths puzzle to keep you busy. What is special about the following sequence:

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